Saturday, September 27, 2008

A night out!

Tonight Chris and I are going out on a triple date with the Clavells and the Thompsons. We're going to the Fox Theatre to see Les Miserables. I'm so excited! We saw it a few years ago and it's amazing! I'm really looking forward to a night out with our friends too. It's been too long since we've done anything without the kids.

Until next time~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good friends/family don't say "I told you so"

A few minutes ago my father called me into the other room to show me something he'd found online. It's something he knew that I'd care to see, even if it broke my heart a little. (okay, a lot)

Clay Aiken has confirmed that he's gay.

I'm not really sure what to say.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hello Fall...

I've missed you so.
It's 69 degrees outside & I love it! I can't remember when it was this cool outside. Most days it's still pretty hot in the afternoon, but you can feel the cooler weather coming. It's in the air. I can't wait to start wearing jeans & sweaters again. With this cooler weather comes the neccesity of clothes shopping. Especially for a small red-headed boy who lives here. He has no pants in his size, so we need to remedy that soon. We already bought him a pair of sneakers for fall, and next come the clothes.
Tonight is the season premiere of The Biggest Loser on NBC. I really like this show; it's very motivating, which I could use right now.
Well, we're going to be starting dinner soon, so I'd best get busy....

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm doing it again

Several months ago I posted about how for some reason on this weight loss journey I tend to sabotage myself. I seem to be in that same boat again. A couple of weeks ago I hit a big milestone at Weight Watchers, 51 pounds! Ever since then I've been completely off track and I don't quite know what to do about it. I can't let myself get so far off track that I can get back on, so I need some real accountabilty. Daily accountability. I need someone I can call up in the evening when I'm on the verge of grabbing the bag of (insert snack food) and eating until I'm feeling both full and guilty. Even as I sit & eat unneccesarily I'm aware that I'm sabotaging myself, but I can't seem to stop. What am I getting out of it? Are untold amounts of Baked Cheetos worth how awful I feel afterwards? Definitely not. So why can't I stop myself? I really need to do some soul searching and try to determine why I do this to myself. I know I can reach my goal if I just keep on keepin' on, but it's hard to not get discouraged when you feel like you're failing.

Dr. Phil has a new segment this season, The Ultimate Weight Loss Race. Think Biggest Loser meets The Amazing Race. His main trainer said something that I found very profound: "Everyone is looking for a magic bullet. Commitment is the magic bullet." I've been really thinking about that for the last couple of days. I am committed to this weight loss journey, so I just have to get my head back on straight.

This turned out to be quite the rambling post, sorry about that. I guess I just needed to get my thoughts out there. Thanks for "listening". Any thoughts, suggestions, advice you have I would love to hear.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

before i get in trouble...

I'd better post something... anything! I know, I've been a terrible blogger over the last little bit. I promise, I'll work my way out of this blogging funk.

In the meantime, here are some pics from last weekend. We went to a birthday party for Emily at Monkey Joe's. It's a place with a bunch of inflateable things for the kids to jump in & slide on. Jonathan had a blast! And, as you can tell from the last picture, completely wore himself out. Poor thing!

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day = Lazy Day

Today (or rather yesterday seeing the time) was Labor Day. It's a day for the working folk of America to take a day off... and that's exactly what we did around here. Sadly, the men in my life are under the weather, so that was the main reason for the lack of activity. Though, we did manage to get out & about for a little bit. We made a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up a new door knob for Jonathan's room and then I ran into Barnes & Noble in the hopes of buying Lori Wick's new book, Jessie. They didn't have it, and for good reason too... it hasn't been released yet. According to the publisher's site the release date is September 1st, so maybe that's when it ships to the stores or something. I'll definitely be on the lookout for it though. Lori Wick is my favorite author and I've read everything she's ever written. After that we browsed around Target for a bit and wound up buying Jonathan these shoes. I didn't want to spend too much as they just need to get him through until the weather cools down. He's really into anything with wheels right now, so I know he'll get a kick out of them.

I hit a big milestone at Weight Watchers this week.... 51 pounds lost! I've hit my halfway point and I can't believe it! Now I really feel like I'm on the downhill slide to my goal. As usual, I've been thinking about how I need to add exercise to my routine, but have yet to get off my lazy butt & do anything about it. I'll do pretty good for a week or so, then life gets in the way and it's all too easy to let that go. If only I could find something I really enjoy doing that could also count as exercise.

Well, it's really late, so I'd better get to bed. I hope to post some new pictures soon. Haley borrowed my camera last weekend & I'm itching to get it back. Normally days will go by & there won't really be anything I feel like I should snap a picture of, but wouldn't you know as soon as it's not in my possession there are several occasions that warrant a photo. Oh well, as soon as I get it back I'll be sure & take a few to post. Stay tuned....
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