Friday, November 20, 2009


Have you seen the gorgeous hand-stamped jewelry at Lisa Leonard Designs? I love it so much! There's a giveaway going on over at SimpleMom right now & I want to win so badly! If I win, I'm going to order the Laundry Line Necklace. Isn't it beautiful?!

Head on over to SimpleMom & enter. I'll be honest though... I hope *I* win! ;o)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Holidays

Can you believe the holidays are upon us once again? It's becoming quite the cliche, but this year has just flown by. Normally, we don't put our Christmas decorations up until the weekend after Thanksgiving, however, this year I was just feeling it early. Chris pulled the stuff down Sunday and over the next few days the tree got decorated & the stockings hung. I love the holiday season, but I don't really have a lot of decorations. As long as the tree is up & lit, I'm good. Jboy helped trim the tree this year. Needless to say, the bottom has a lot of ornaments. I'm trying to reign in my OCD & just leave it alone. It's the first time he's helped so it's a fun memory.

Today was the Thanksgiving Feast at Jboy's school. I signed up to bring cupcakes & was originally just going to do fall themed sprinkles, but then I saw Miriam's blog & was inspired by the cookies she made for Micah's school's feast. After a late night trip to WalMart & Kroger I was able to get the supplies & I think they turned out super cute. I wish I could've gotten Jboy's reaction on video when he saw them this morning. He thought they were too funny.

The kids decorated pillow cases for "Indian" costumes. Shouldn't it be "Native American"? Anywho. I couldn't get the boy to look at the camera & smile to save my life. He was having too much fun eating & playing with his friends.

This picture cracks me up. This is the face of Jboy telling me something very important. I have no idea what he was saying, but I see this face a lot.

This next picture turned out really cute. I think I took about 10 of him with this turkey before I finally got a good one. He just wasn't in the picture taking mood today. Not that he ever really is.

Have you decorated for the holidays yet?
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

a little help from my friends...

As I’m sure is obvious by my lack of posts of late, I’m having a hard time coming up with things to blog about. I feel like I don’t really have anything to say, other than “here’s my cute kid”. Which the grandparents love, of course.

So, in an effort to *hopefully* kick start my blogging mojo, I’m asking for your help. I’m taking a cue from Kim, and opening the floor for questions. Ask me anything. Preferably something I’ll actually be able to answer, but I'm open to anything. Is there anything you want to know about me? Jonathan? Chris? Etc…

Help a girl out, will ya?


Here are a couple of videos I've taken of the little man(n) recently...


Thursday, November 05, 2009

I want to win!!!

Amanda is having another giveaway on her blog today! She's giving away Crystal Wilkerson's October & November digital scrapbooking kits.

Go check out the giveaway, and if you enter, let her know I sent you. ;o)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The cutest firefighter ever!

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