Sunday, December 31, 2006

Milestones baby

Jonathan rolled over tonight! He'd done it a couple of times at about 3 weeks old, but I don't think he meant to. Tonight he did it 3 or 4 times in a row and you could tell it was deliberate. I got it on video & thought I'd share:

I can't believe he's growing up so quickly.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The nice list

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I can't believe it's over already.

We spent Christmas Eve with Chris' parents, Grandma & Bevvy and had a great time. It was so much fun spending time with them; of course most of the time was spent watching Jonathan. What was he doing? Oh nothing really, but it's amazing how long you can sit and watch him just lay in the floor and kick! On Christmas my parents, grandma & Haley were all here. And of course Jonathan was the center of attention. He's just so cute you can't help it. He really racked up on the gifts both days, but of course he has no idea. Here's a picture of all of his loot:

He got an activity center from Chris' parents, a Bumbo Seat from us, and as you can see, so much other stuff! He's definitely got enough clothes & toys to last him awhile!

I must've been on Santa's "nice list" this year too! (Giving birth to the first child & grandchild helped tremendously I think! LOL) Chris' parents got me a wonderful set of stainless steel cookware. Now that I'm staying home and cooking more often, I really needed a new set. I feel so professional! If only owning good cookware could imrove my cooking skills!

I thought Chris and I had decided to just do a "together gift". We bought a new all-in-one photo printer, so I didn't get him anything else. Well, then on Christmas morning, he surprises me by telling me he'd ordered the Vera Bradley diaper bag I've been wanting:

Isn't it GORGEOUS! Chris' parents got me the wallet that matches. I'm high society now! LOL

I also got a couple of great handmade gifts from my mom & grandma. One of them was this recipe box:

It's decorated to match my kitchen and I can't wait to fill it up with new recipes. If you have any good ones, send them my way!

Chris got a lot of great stuff too! Mostly clothes, which he needed. He also got a couple of DVD's; Elf and Glory Road. He loves both of those movies, so he was excited. I took a picture of his goodies too:

I felt bad that I didn't get him anything else, so I told him to order seasons 4 & 5 of 24 on DVD.

All in all it was a great Christmas. The gifts were nice of course, but the best part to me was spending time with our families & enjoying Jonathan's first Christmas together. Next year is going to be a lot of fun too as he'll know a little more about what's going on.

This has been a long one, but before I go, I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Kevin & Pam! They found out on the 22nd that they're expecting a little BOY! We are so excited for them, and can't wait to meet little Michael Ethan. Kevin & Chris have been best friends since birth, so it's exciting to think that our sons will be best friends too. Carrying on a wonderful family tradition! Now we just have to wait until February to find out what Michael & Lisa are having.....

Monday, December 18, 2006

Saturday & Santa Bubby

Saturday was such a great day. It started off with me meeting Rebecca & Laurel at Archiver's to work on my Christmas cards. I hadn't scrapped in so long, I was worried I'd forgotten how. Although making Christmas cards isn't exactly scrapping, it felt so good to get out & be social and creative. After I finished my cards we all went to lunch at Chili's and had a great time. Apparently you can cover their coasters & make mini-albumns out of them. We decided to swipe the ones on our table, then Rebecca told our server that we were doing a project & asked if we could have some more. By the time we left, she & I both had about 30 coasters! I think the waitress thought we were a little strange but, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

After I left the ladies to scrap the rest of the day away, Chris' parents kept Jonathan and we went on a date night. We had such a great time. The plan originally was to go to the movies, but by the time we got to the mall there wouldn't have been much time to get tickets, get snacks & find seats. So we decided to go down to Jillian's to play games & bowl. We had a little competition going on, and in the end Chris won, but I sure kicked his butt at the fighting game & pin ball. We never did bowl, they were very busy & we wouldn't have been able to get a lane until after 9:00. I had been away from my baby all day, so I was ready to get back to him. But we had a really great time just being together. We're definitely going to make it a regular thing. I don't want us to lose touch with one another now that Jonathan is here. We'll just have to make sure to make time for us as a couple. I was his wife long before I was Jonathan's mommy, and I can't forget that.

I can't leave you without a couple of pictures of the boy. My nickname for Jonathan is "bubby", so these are called "Santa Bubby".... I sense a layout title!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


As I sit here, I'm watching the Biggest Loser live finale. I am amazed at how much weight the contestants have lost & how wonderful they look. I would love to go on this show, but I don't think I could handle being away from my family for 3 months. Somehow I need to get my rear in gear & do something about my weight. I don't want Jonathan growing up with a fat mommy. I want to be able to play with him, take him to the park and run around, and I don't want him to be ashamed of me when he's around his friends. He may be the motivation that I've always needed. I need to work out a plan & stick with it. I know carbs are a big problem for me, so if I do nothing else I need to work on that. Wish me luck, I may be looking to you all for accountability.

Speaking of Jonathan, (which is all I seem to do lately), we went to the doctor for his 2 month check-up. As of today he weighs 13 lbs 8.5 oz (95%) and is 24" long (90%). He's a big boy! Since his 1 month check-up he's gained 2 pounds and 1/2". Dr. Morgan said that she heard a heart murmur, but she's not too worried about it. Although, since he's had it since birth she wants us to go visit a cardiologist to get it checked out. Chris & I aren't worried about it as we both had murmurs as children and are just fine. So, we go next week to get that checked out. He also had to get 4 shots today. Poor little thing. He did really good though & didn't cry TOO much. He's been a little more fussy today than usual, but that's that's to be expected. Here's a picture of my little man at 2 months old:

Friday, December 08, 2006

Telling a story

Just thought I'd share this little video that I took yesterday of Jonathan "talking" to me. He sounds like he's really trying to say something, too cute:

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Little boy smiles

Life can't get much better than this...

Friday, December 01, 2006


I can't believe it's December already. Since Jonathan's been here time has been flying by. But it's worth every minute.

We had Jonathan dedicated on 11/26. A lot of people were there for his special day; my parents, Haley, Chris' parents, Grandma Ruby, Aunt Bevvy, Aunt Sandra & Uncle Claude, Kevin, Pam & Destiny, Mike & Janie & Kori all came out to be a part. It was held at All Nations Church and Pastor Frank did a wonderful job. He spoke some great things over Jonathan. It was such an emotional time. Us and the other two couples who were having their children dedicated had all suffered with infertility and/or miscarriages, so it was truly a miracle that we were all standing there. Thankfully Kevin was kind enough to video the dedication for us so I can go back & hear again what Pastor Frank said. Here are a couple of pictures that Haley took:

Chris' parents bought Jonathan the cutest outfit for him to wear. He looked like such a little man in his cordoury pants & sweater vest.

Another big thing happened this week... I went in to Hitachi & gave my notice that I'm not returning to work. I have to say that no one was too surprised. It's been my goal to be a stay at home mom since forever, and I've never been too shy about it. My boss was very understanding & said that she knew I was making the best decision for us. It was a little weird knowing that I won't be going back to work there anymore; even though I'd known since before Jonathan was born, it was finally official. I'd worked there since 1998 and had made some good friends. While I'll miss them, I know I'm doing what I was put on this earth to do, and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Christmas season is upon us again. I won't be doing a whole lot of shopping this year. We decided to have a family photo taken & that will be the gift for most, if not all of our family. It really takes the pressure off knowing that I don't have to brave the malls. I still have to decorate the tree. It's been sitting in our living room since the night before Thanksgiving. I had grand intentions of having it all decorated since everyone came over here for dinner, but Mom & I didn't start cooking until 10 p.m. and by 3 a.m. when we were done, I was just too tired. I tried to have a "tree decorating party" after we ate Thanksgiving dinner, but no one seemed too interested. So, there it sits, still bare. Well, it does have a Winnie-the-Pooh angel on top, so that should count for something. Haley is coming over for a bit tomorrow, and I think we're going to decorate it then.

It's about time for the little man to eat again, so I guess that's a wrap for now!

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