Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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I can't believe my little one is old enough to be crawling! Jonathan did his first crawl on my birthday, he knew what his momma wanted! Ever since, he's been off & "running". Haley's been asking for a video of him crawling since he started, and I finally got around to getting one. Here goes:

He's really growing up too fast for my taste. His first birthday is looming on the horizon and I can barely think about it. Where has the time gone?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

He's back...

thank goodness. I think things are pretty much back to normal around here. Jonathan's pretty much back to his old self, and is getting back into the swing of sleeping like a pro. I think I figured out one of the reasons I was having such a hard time with him not going to bed easily at night. I wasn't necessarily going to bed any later than I usually do, so I wasn't really lacking sleep. But what I was lacking is my down time. Once Jonathan goes to bed, I spend a couple of hours (usually longer than I should) reading, surfing the net, just doing whatever. It's my time to just unwind & regroup. I wasn't getting that when he wasn't going to bed like usual. Thankfully, last night & tonight have been pretty easy, so I've had my time, and it makes such a difference for me.

Haley's been begging me for a video of Jonathan crawling, and I promise I'll get on that soon. It shouldn't be hard to get one, seeing as how he's crawling all the time, all over the place. Today he started "running" away from me. He had crawled out into the hallway/entryway, and when I went to get him he started going as fast as he could. I kept saying, "I'm gonna get ya" and he'd just go so fast he'd fall down. It was hysterical. He's also started following us if we walk out of the room. I'll go into the kitchen (just for a second, of course) and the next thing you know he's coming around the corner looking for me. It's too cute.

You may, or may not, have noticed that there's a new "doodad" on the sidebar of my blog. While reading Ali Edwards' blog I came across a website called GoodReads where you can make a database of all of the books you've read, are reading and want to read. You can also do book reviews and "meet" other people who have similar reading interests that you do. Several months ago I joined an online book club on a message board that I frequent, Mommy Zone and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it. One of the main reasons I joined was to expand my horizons when it comes to authors that I read. I tend to read the same authors over and over and don't venture out much. My favorite author is Lori Wick, she writes Christian fiction. Except for the book that came out July 1st, I have read everything she's written. We'll see what new and interesting books we read in the future.

Well, who knows what time the boy will decide to get up in the morning, so I'd better get to bed. Until next time...
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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Have you seen me?

Has anyone seen my happy-go-lucky little man who loves to laugh & sleeps well in his crib? Because we haven't, not in almost a week. Or what feels like a week anyway.

Wednesday I noticed Jonathan wasn't quite acting like himself; he wasn't really playing, didn't crawl at all (did I mention he learned how to do that?), and was just being kind of clingy. He had a bit of a temperature, about 101, nothing too major, so I gave him some tylenol and went on with the day. As the evening wore on his temperature kept going up. I called the on-call nurse once it got to 102.2, and she went through the list of symptoms which there weren't really any. At about 3:30 Thursday morning I checked again and his temp had gone up to 103.3! I called again and we went through the same list of questions, but this time we felt like we could see his ribs when he took a breath. That can be a sign that he's working too hard to breath, so off to the ER we went. (After the RSV I didn't want to take any chances.) In the ER they couldn't find anything wrong with him, other than his throat was a little red. So they just told us to keep watching him & push fluids. Thankfully we already had a doctors appointment set up for Friday morning, his 9 month checkup. Thursday night was pretty rough, but Chris and I did a split shift; he went to bed until around 3:00 and then came & relieved me & I went to bed. We could get him to sleep, but he would get so upset when we'd try to lay him down, even during the day. He basically just wanted to be held all of the time.

We went to his appointment Friday, where we found out he has/had a viral infection of some sort. His throat was still red (though negative for Strep), but his blood count showed it to be viral. Which unfortunately means you just have to ride it out. They gave him Motrin at the office & that's a miracle drug I tell ya. Within an hour or so his fever had broken & he was almost acting like himself. One glich in the ordeal is that he's cutting one of his top teeth & it seems to really be working him over something fierce. I'm hoping once that tooth pops through & the pain lets up my little man will be back.

I don't know how mothers do it whose babies won't sleep at night. It's only been a few days and I'm about to lose it. I've been so spoiled by him just going down & sleeping for 10 hours a night that I just don't know what to do. We can't get him to nap in his crib either. He just wants to be held. I'm afraid it's going to take us some time to get back into our routine, I just hope we can handle it. I may be asking for your prayers in the days ahead.

Wow, okay, that turned out to be long. I promise that my next post won't be just one big complaint....
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Sunday, July 08, 2007

The best birthday cake... EVER!

Today was/is my 31st birthday. My how time flies! I can't say it feels any different than 30, other than I can officially say "I'm IN my 30's" now, kind of weird. My friends had a little get together tonight to celebrate, and when I got there I saw my birthday cake... a 5 layer Rice Krispie treat cake!!! I was in heaven! I love, love, love Rice Krispie treats, so this just made my day. My dad (who's birthday is also today... Happy Birthday to US Dad) also loves Rice Krispie treats, so I had to call & brag about my cake. I think he was a little jealous! LOL

We had a great time with friends just hanging out & playing a new game we brought, Apples to Apples. We had played it at the family reunion last weekend (more about that in another post), and really had a good time.

Unfortunately Jonathan doesn't seem to like when it's gets kind of noisy, and was fussy for some of the evening. We noticed this another time at game night when we were all talking & being loud. Our house is generally a pretty quiet place, so I guess he just gets over-stimulated when it's noisy. I'm thinking maybe I should join Gymboree or something so he becomes more accustomed to noise. I don't want him to get freaked out anytime there's a lot of noise.

Since I haven't posted in a couple of weeks I haven't mentioned that our air conditioner is broken. Not.good. When we got back from the reunion last Sunday it was working fine. It stormed Sunday night & Monday it wasn't working any more. We called the A/C people to come look at it and apparently it was struck by lightning! So, after several phone calls back & forth to the A/C company & the insurance company it should be fixed this coming Monday afternoon. Or at least fixed enough that we can have cool air again. No A/C in July, in Georgia, is not a good thing. Thankfully the first couple of days it was unseasonably cool outside so we could keep the windows open, but everything got back to normal on Wednesday. I've been trying to get out of the house some so we don't boil. We went out & bought a couple of oscillating stand fans to help move the air around. It's helped some, but I'll definitely be glad when it's fixed. I've been trying to let this situation help me be more thankful for what we have. I think a lot of times we take for granted the everyday conveniences we're used to, when there are so many people in this world who don't have these luxuries. God has truly blessed our family, and if living without air conditioning for a few days is the worst thing going on in our lives, then I am grateful.

Well, it's getting late & I have to get up early in the morning. Until next time...
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