Friday, March 13, 2009

cultured & refined...

Generally not two words I would use to describe myself, and in all honesty still wouldn't. But, last night I attended an event that I've always thought of as for the more cultured & refined of our society. I don't really know why, but that's how it's always been in my head.

Anyway, last night Rebecca & I went to a book reading/signing for one of our favorite authors, Jodi Picoult. She's touring right now promoting her newest book, Handle With Care. I have read several (I think 11) of her books and have loved almost every one of them. I'm not sure I could pick a favorite, but near the top would certainly be My Sister's Keeper. Her books aren't necessarily "easy" reads as the topics can be at times controversial, but her writing style is amazing and she definitely gets you thinking.

She read an excerpt from Handle With Care (which I think is going to be great!) and then took some questions from the audience. I found it facinating to hear her talk about her writing process and was very nearly inspired to start writing myself. :o) After the Q&A we waited our turn to get our books signed. Rebecca forgot to bring one with her so she purchased the new book and I thankfully brought my copy of My Sister's Keeper. I nearly didn't bring it because I thought she was only going to be signing her new book, but I thought I'd really regret it if I left it at home & it could've been signed.

I'm so glad that we made an effort to go to this event, it was so much fun! We're hoping to do more of these type things in the future. Watch out, I might get all high society on you! LOL

A few pictures:

R and I waiting for the reading to get started. (I'm sorry for the "up the nose" shot, but I'm apparently not very good at the hold out your arm & shoot thing!)

Jodi during the reading.

Signing away.

Me & my newly autographed book!

Keep an eye on Rebecca's blog as I'm sure she'll be posting about it soon too!
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Rebecca said...

Ha - why post when you did it for me!!! :) I think I'll just link to your entry!

laurel said...

Glad you girls had so much fun!

kelly said...

i think my sister's keeper is my favorite as well.
and harvesting the heart... but so different from how she writes now ;)

thanks for your comment on my blog! interested to hear how you like handle with care.

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