Sunday, July 18, 2010

my body may be in Georgia…

but my heart is in Oklahoma.IMG_9743

For the next two weeks, Jboy is staying with my parents in Oklahoma. I hate that they live so far away, and wish that they could spend more time with him, so I when they asked if he could spend some time there this summer, I was all for it.

We met up in Memphis yesterday to do “the swap”. Our hotel was right across the street from Graceland, and there were definitely some interesting characters in the area.

This morning, my parents went one way with Jboy, and we went the other. Alone. It was kind of weird. I know he’s going to have a great time.

Hopefully he won’t be too spoiled when he gets home.

The question now is, whatever will we do with 2 childless weeks? Chris will be working, so I’ll be alone during the day. I have a few things planned:

* visiting babies! I have three friends who’ve had babies in the last few weeks, so I’ll be making the rounds & soaking up all the baby goodness I can.

* pedicure! I have a gift certificate to 10Ten Nail Bar that I can’t wait to use!

* painting Jboy’s new room. I still haven’t picked out a color, but thanks to my bestie Rebecca’s suggestion, I think I’ll go with a khaki.

* start working on things for Jboy’s birthday party. It’s still three months away, but there’s no time like the present. Right?

Though I’ll enjoy the break, and the quiet, I’ll miss my boy. Have fun at Gaga & Papa’s baby!


Lisa said...

I can't even imagine 2 weeks without my beans. I would be beside myself.

Jennifer said...

Enjoy your time--I'm envious! I bet you'll be ready for your munchkin to come home after two days, though! :)

laurel said...

Poor baby! I know you are really missing him.

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