Monday, October 02, 2006

I know, I know

I've been a very bad blogger this week... the bad news is, it may only get worse for the next little bit, but I promise I'll have a good reason.

First things first... still pregnant! Hopefully I won't be saying that for too much longer as I'm definitely ready to meet this little one. We had our 39 week appointment last Friday, and what an appointment it was. I had my first internal exam (what fun that was) and unfortunately I hadn't dilated at all. I was really hoping that I'd made at least a little progress, but no. I was measuring 2 weeks ahead, which is a little unusual, but nothing to worry about according to the doctor. He said as long as it's within two weeks of where you are, it shouldn't be a problem. He then proceeded to mash around on my belly to get an estimate of how much the baby weighs, here's where things get fun. His first comment was, "Well, it's not a runt." Oh great. His estimate was 8 3/4 pounds.... which comes out to 8 lbs 12 oz. Holy big baby Batman!!! Needless to say I had a bit of a freak out moment, but calmed down eventually. We're going in on Wednesday for an ultrasound to get some more measurements and then we'll go from there. He did mention that we may wind up doing something sooner than later depending on the results. I take that to mean that it's quite likely that we'll be inducing labor sometime this week. Fine by me. Sign that eviction notice already!!! I'm so ready to get on with the next chapter in our lives, and it may just start this week.

Today is Chris' birthday. I am so thankful for my husband. He is definitely the most wonderful man I know. He's been absolutely amazing during this pregnancy, taking care of me when I was sick, making sure that I'm taking care of myself. He's always checking on me to make sure I'm okay & don't need anything. I thank God daily for blessing me with such a wonderful partner. On a little less mushy note...We were really hoping that the baby would make his/her appearance today, but unless something pretty drastic happens in the next hour and a half, it won't be happening. I know he's disappointed, and I've actually been feeling a little guilty about it. I know there's nothing I could've done, but it would've been so neat for him to share a birthday with our child. Especially since I share a birthday with my dad.

I'll definitely come update after my appointment on Wednesday, and who knows, by the weekend I may be posting pictures of our new addition. Wish us luck & pray for a easy/smooth labor and most importantly a healthy baby.


Kimberly said...

How exciting! I cannot wait to read the update. Maybe your next update will be with a picture of the baby "BOY"....yepper, I said it! I think the baby will be a boy. Prayers for you and your NEWEST addition to your family! Nothing greater than the love of a parent for a child! It is completely undescribable!

Haley said...


Kimberly said...

Well, no update what is the scoop? Induction? Is HE here yet? I am peeking in the window and the SHADES are pulled here...UPDATE US! lol

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