Monday, September 25, 2006


again. I know this is my body's way of getting ready for the sleepless nights to come, but I HATE it! I'm sleepy, and I want to sleep, but I can't seem to relax. I guess I should've gone to bed right after dinner at 7:30 when I could barely keep my eyes open. But I just knew that if I even took a little snooze, I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. A lot of good that did me, here I sit, at nearly 1 a.m., blogging. I had intended to post earlier today, but never got around to it.

Since going out with the girls is probably going to be a little more difficult in the few months ahead, I wanted to have one more girls night out before the baby came. So, Lisa, Rebecca and I scheduled my "last hoorah" for Friday night. Well, actually we had scheduled it for a few Friday nights ago, but for some reason that didn't work out. I don't remember why. Anywho. I didn't really want to do anything too strenuous (not that we probably would have anyway), so we decided dinner & coffee would be great! We went to Zaxby's for dinner and it was so good! I could just about eat myself sick there. It was so nice to just sit & chat with no real time limit. Rebecca got a new car this week, and it needed a name, and I think we came up with the prefect one. I'm sure she'll blog about it, so check it out! It's a really fun story. We closed the place down and headed over to Starbucks for coffee. Well, Lisa & Rebecca had coffee. I'm not a coffee person so I had my favorite. A Double Chocolate Chip Frappucino! YUMMY!

We sat in a spot off to ourselves and just had a great time hanging out. Lisa & Rebecca are definitely two of my best friends. I am so blessed to have them in my life. I can always count on them for lots of laughter and even more good advice.

Starbucks closed at midnight, so we headed out just before then. It was such a wonderful evening, and a great way to celebrate my "last hoorah"! Thanks girls for a great time!

Well, I'm going to try and get comfy in the recliner and see if I can't catch some Z's as they float by.


Kimberly said...

HMMMMMMMMMMMPF! I guess Laurel and I are "BACK BURNER FRIENDS!" I guess, we are just too darned old for you "YOUNGSTERS!" Just remember, we can party, too! LOL

I am happy you 3 had a great time on Friday. Nothing like some GAL TALK!

Rebecca said...

Now see here! Just cause you weren't there doesn't mean you are on the back burner! I promise!!!

Haley said...

I'm feeling a little left out on the "last hoorah". J/k.

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