Saturday, May 05, 2007

WELCOME & Splish Splash

Some of our best friends, Kevin, Pam & Destiny Thompson welcomed a new little boy into the world yesterday!

Michael Ethan Thompson
May 4, 2007
9 lbs 4 oz ~ 20 3/4"

Dontcha just want to pinch those cheeks?!

One evening while we were staying at my parents house we gave Jonathan a bath in the sink. He had a great time splashing, as you can see. I pretty much got a bath too!

I have a lot more to talk about, but I'm really tired so I think I'll head to bed. Stay tuned!
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1 comment:

Kimberly said...

Oh my heart! Can he be any cuter? I love that splashing photo! I wanna SCRAP IT!

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