Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Public Service Announcement

Change/check your vehicle's oil REGULARLY. If you don't, you'll likely run into the same problem Chris and I did this weekend. While on our way to my parents house, the oil light came on in the Jeep. *Note to self: if the oil light ever comes on, get off the freeway at the next exit and get to a gas station!* We had gone a few miles and the car started making a strange noise, never a good thing. We get to the next exit, and as we slow down, the noise gets worse & worse. I could tell it was the pistons banging. It's such a horrible feeling not knowing if you're going to make it to the station. Well, as we turn into the station the car dies. Chris goes in, buys 4 quarts of oil & pours it in. It won't start. Dead. Nothing. After a few phone calls, my dad is on his way to pick us up and we're trying to decide where to have it towed. We chose a mechanic near Mom & Dad's church that they've used before. Unfortunately they were closed for the weekend, so we had to just leave it at the gas station next door.

Sunday Dad took Chris home because he has jury duty this week and of course couldn't miss that. We decided I'd stay at their house until the car was fixed. Dad went up to the shop Monday morning & talked to the guy. He called later saying he'd looked at the car. It needs a new engine. We were expecting that. He wasn't able to find a refurbished engine because our car is relatively new, so he was going to have to get a factory model. What's the cost you ask of having a factory engine model installed in your 2002 Jeep Liberty? $6500!!!! Holy heck, batman!

We have money in savings, but not that much, so we start weighing our options. Take out a loan for $6500 or buy a different car since ours isn't worth much more than that. I called & talked to Lisa as she's always able to help me think things through & be rational. She & Michael were going that night to look at a new van & were willing to sell us their old one. So there was another option. My dad talked to my grandfather in Missouri who's been involved in cars forever. He did some checking around with his contacts & was able to find an '02 Liberty engine with 24k miles on it for about $1400 (including shipping it down here)! My grandfather the hero! The mechanic is going to install it for us for the bargain basement price of $1000. So, what would have been $6500 is now $2400. Isn't God amazing! Now we're just waiting for the engine to arrive & be installed.

I stayed at my parents house until today. Chris didn't get called for the jury he was being voir dire'd for, so he came & picked up the little boy & me. Jonathan & I had a great time hanging out with Gramma & Grampa. It was really nice to just get to spend time with them, and of course they enjoyed bonding with their little man. I had only packed for two days, so I was doing laundry like crazy to make sure I had clean stuff to wear. Mom had to run to Dollar General yesterday and she bought me an outfit while she was there. ;o) While I enjoyed being with my parents, I was getting a little itchy to come home. When you have a little one, it's easier when you're in your own place, sleeping in your own bed, etc.

Hopefully the car will be ready soon and life can get back to normal. Chris has to go back to the courthouse tomorrow, so I'll be here without a car. I don't really mind though because I have a lot of things to catch up on around the house. I probably wouldn't have gone anywhere anyway.

In the midst of all this craziness, we had a great weekend. After we finally got to my parents house on Saturday we went to the Big Shanty Festival in downtown Kennesaw. There were craft booths, a stage for performances and Civil War demonstrations. Sunday was a great day too. We went to a park at Allatoona Lake in Acworth and had a picnic. The weather was gorgeous & we had a great time watching the kids (and adults) play football. The adults were taking it a little too seriously I think, but it was funny to watch. Jonathan had fun on his first picnic. He wore his sunglasses & hat and of course looked adorable. I hope we can go back to that park sometime.

Well, I am getting pretty tired, so I think I'll retire for the evening. I'm sorry this was such a long one, but I had a lot to say. Learn from our mistake!!!!


Rebecca said...

You got the hang of those hyperlinks! :)

laurel said...

So sorry to hear about your Jeep woes. My sister did something similar once. It was making a ticking noise for a while that she just ignored until the car just wouldn't go anymore and found out that it had no oil in the engine and it locked up the whole thing. Can't remember if her oil light went on.

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