Sunday, December 21, 2008

"That was crazy!"

Jonathan has a new favorite phrase; "That was crazy!" Where he picked that up I have no idea. He says it a lot when we "shoot hoops" with the basketball goal he got for his birthday. Today one of us missed a shot and he says, "Almost! That was crazy! Shoot!" It was hysterical. He speaks in "complete" sentences most of the time now and we can pretty much understand what he's saying all of the time.

Yesterday we braved the mall to get pictures taken with Santa. I use the phrase "braved the mall" very loosely as there were not very many people there & no lines for Santa! Amazing! Last year Jonathan was anything but pleased to sit in the big man's lap. I made a point this time to talk about where we were going & who we were going to see. I kept asking him if he was going to sit in Santa's lap & get his picture taken. He was very excited about it. Until we got there. He didn't cry or anything, which is an improvement, but once we got up there & I asked if he wanted to sit in Santa's lap he just shook his head no. Once he found out that he got a candy cane his opinion changed slightly. LOL He still wasn't thrilled with the idea, as you can tell, but no tears, so that's good. We wound up seeing two Santa's. Expecting a big line we parked outside Bass Pro Shops knowing that Santa was just outside the store within the mall. Little did I know they had their very own Santa. After we saw him we went out into the mall & I noticed there wasn't a line for the other Santa either! Why not visit two? I knew I could use my own camera at the other one so we headed over there too. Again, all Jonathan cared about was the candy, but he did good. He's so funny when he get's nervous; he just kind of freezes & sits very still. It was all Santa could do to get Jonathan to look at him. ;o)

Every year of Jonathan's life (all two of them) I've taken a picture of him with a Santa hat on & made a Christmas ornament. I hadn't been able to get a very good picture yet this year. Mostly due to the "cheese face" I usually get when the camera comes out. Today I decided to try a little photo shoot to see what I could get. I thought this one turned out pretty good. Unfortunately we ran out of tri-color ink so the pictures aren't printing right. Sadly the ornaments probably won't get done until after Christmas this year.

Is there anything better than licking the beater when making cookies? I didn't think so. I've been on some sort of cookie making mission this year. The holidays have just put me in the mood I guess. I found a recipe for sugar cookies on Weight Watchers' website that I'd been wanting to try. Let me just say... they're not very good. ;o/ Jonathan seems to like them though, so he can have them. After that disappointing run I decided to make Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies (minus the nuts). Of course I had to lick the beaters when I was done, and Jonathan got in on the fun! This was his first time so of course I had to take some pictures. I think they'll make a really cute scrapbook page. ;o)

Speaking of Weight Watchers. Ack. Oprah had a great quote in a recent issue of People magazine where she talked about her contiuing struggles with her weight. She said (I'm paraphrasing), "I didn't just fall off the wagon, I let the wagon fall on me." That's totally where I'm at right now. I've made jokes about having been off the wagon so long I didn't know where it was. I've said that every time I get a foot back on the wagon it slips out from under me. But Oprah's quote really sums it up. I need to do some real soul searching & figure out what to do. I know I can't let myself just get back into my old way of life, though it seems like that's where I may be headed. I KNOW what I need to do, it's just DOING it that seems to be the problem right now. I have to come out of this on the other side; healthier, more confident, with more energy... this valley just seems to be really wide right now.

Okay, that turned into kind of a bummer post. Sorry about that. ;o)
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Angela said...

Isnt it fun when they atrt saying things like that! I just love when Landon uses the word "hilarious", usually not quite in the right context. Their funny!

Looks like you guys are having a fun Christmas season! Merry Christmas!

laurel said...

Such cute pictures of Jonathan!

You know, I think with the exception of those naturally skinny people we hate, it is a lifetime struggle with the weight thing. Even with the help of surgery it is constantly on my mind. We face so much stress in our lives that it puts our emotions and our bodies out of whack. I always wonder how skinny people manage to find substitutes for food that work. If I ever figure it out I'll let you know.

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