Monday, February 23, 2009

bullets maybe?

Since I'm obviously have some serious blogging issues, I'm going to try using bullets this go round.

* It's been a wonderfully busy weekend. Friday we spent the morning at the Georgia Aquarium. (Pictures below) We took him for the first time on his first birthday, and though I think he enjoyed it much more this year, I think he's still a bit young to really "get it". I think we're going to make it a yearly trip, and I know as he gets older he'll love it more & more. Chris' mom was able to join us this year and I know she really liked it too. It's an amazing place.

* Yesterday was a great day scrapping with the girls: Laurel, Rebecca, Sandy, Stephanie, Jenni & Jenni's mom Jacque. During the day we also participated in a Pampered Chef cooking show where we got to see some neat products and taste some yummy food. I'm going to be having a party in May, so if you're local you should definitely come! As far as scrapbooking goes, I wasn't terribly productive; I only completed two pages. However, I had a great time and that's what really matters.

* Today was church, followed by our Financial Peace University class. If you've never read any of Dave Ramsey's books, I'd highly recommend them. We're six weeks into this thirteen week class and our lives have been changed already. We have an actual working budget, which for us is quite an accomplishment. We also have a plan to begin paying off our debt. In just over a year or so we should be completely debt free! (Excluding the house.) What an amazing feeling!

* I've fallen off the wagon, again, in the past couple of weeks. I'm trying to work through some "issues" that I'm discovering about myself. It seems that making actual goals doesn't work for me. I had been doing very well again: staying within my points, drinking my water, exercising regularly, etc. and making progress. Then, a few weeks ago during our meeting we were asked to set some "non-weight related goals", goals more related to behavior that we wanted to achieve over the next six weeks. My goals were as follows:

1. I want to stay within my points on the weekend & journal what I eat.
2. I want to continue to exercise 3-4 times/week at least 30 minutes/day.
3. I want to continue drinking my water every day... including weekends.

As you can see, two of my goals were just about continuing to do things I was already doing. For some reason, just writing these goals down sent me into some sort of self sabotage mode. Not only have I not been counting my points on the weekends (or any other time for that matter), I haven't exercised in two weeks and I haven't been drinking my water either. What's that about? I'm not sure what to do about it. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Enough about that... here are the pictures from the Aquarium. I wasn't really able to get any good shots as my camera wasn't cooperating with me, but here are some highlights.

Checking out the jelly fish.

Can you see Chris & Jonathan in the middle of the picture? This area is so neat. I could sit & watch the fish forever.

The after effects of walking around looking at fish for two hours. Sleepy boy!

Wow, if you made it all the way through that, thanks for sticking around. Hopefully this helped me get out of my funk...
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