Monday, September 20, 2010

video overload

Be prepared for video overload. (I know the grandparents won't mind a bit!)

Friday night was "game night" at our house. There is a great game for the Wii called Just Dance, and the Clavells brought theirs. We all had a great time playing & taking video. Here are some videos of Jboy & the kids playing the game. I love how Jboy really watches the person on the screen & tries to do the dance correctly.

#1 - Who Let the Dogs Out

#2 - I Like to Move It

#3 - Jin Go Lo Ba

Next up are a couple of videos from this evening.

#1 - The Crane (from Karate Kid)

#2 - I called this one "A Tootie Ta". It's a song/dance he's learned at school.


1 comment:

laurel said...

Funny how it looks the same when we try it. ;-)

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