Friday, April 25, 2008

I could just kick myself...

This afternoon & evening we were at Chris' parents house while Chris & his dad changed the brakes on their Jeep & ours. It was really nice outside so Kaye, Jonathan & I sat out in the driveway while they worked. We had this tiger bubble maker that Chris' grandma bought & Jonathan was having a big time chasing the bubbles. Or as he says... bubbees! I'm totally going to buy one. Yes, it's the lazy way to do bubbles, but it will be great for the park.

While we were out there enjoying the weather & watching him play I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera. I would have been able to get some great shots of him just running around having a great time. At one point we were out there barefooted (is that right? Or should it just be barefoot???) & the bottoms of his feet were SO DIRTY! It would have made such a great scrapbook page, him out there playing & the bottoms of his dirty feet. You can bet I'll be dragging my camera back over there & letting him play in the driveway barefoot again to try and recreate it.

Tomorrow is the March for Babies event. It's a four mile walk, and I'm not really feeling prepared. I haven't been doing any sort of "training", but I'm hoping it won't be too bad. I'm walking with a few ladies from my moms group so we'll be able to chat. As far as I know there's no time limit so we can take our time. It starts at 10:00a. Maybe we'll finish before it gets too hot. Wish me luck!

Speaking of wishing me luck... I lost another 1.4 pounds at Weight Watchers this week! That puts my total lost at 33.4! If all goes well I should hit a big milestone next week... but I'll tell you about that later. ;o)

Well, I'd better get some rest for tomorrow. Since I was a slacker & didn't get any pictures today, I'll leave you with these from last year. He was such a chunky monkey!!!

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One day at a time said...

You did a great job on the walk!!!

One day at a time said...

You did a great job on the walk!!!

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