Saturday, May 16, 2009

what's next?

Yesterday Chris' mom, Chris, Jonathan & I went to the Atlanta Zoo. The trip was originally scheduled for last month, but had to be postponed due to rain. I stalked the Weather Channel website for the week leading up to yesterday & was a bit concerned that we'd have to put it off again. Thankfully the rain held off and we were off!

I was really hoping Jonathan would get a big kick out of seeing the animals. And he did, to some extent. The first exhibit we came to was the elephant. Jonathan looked at the elephant for about, oh, 90 seconds and then said... "what's next?" We were cracking up. Every time we'd come to a new exhibit, he'd look for a second & say, "what's next?" I swear we made it through the first half of the zoo in like 10 minutes. We spent a good deal of time in the reptile house. He loved looking at the snakes & turtles. We even saw a couple of turtles "mating". Ha! I nearly took a picture, but thought it should remain private. ;o)

The weather turned out pretty nice. We arrived at the zoo at around 10:30am so it wasn't too warm yet. However, by the time we left around 12:30ish it was starting to get pretty hot. We definitely won't be going back until fall. Hopefull next time the animals will be a bit more active, most of them were just laying around. Chris' mom & I got a big kick out of the male Orangutan hanging out in his hammock. He was just chillin' out.

The Panda's were super cute too. I got a couple of cute pics of the "mommy" Panda. She was in the enclosure & chowing down on some bamboo.

Anyway, speaking of pictures, here are a few from the day. My lens doesn't zoom very far, so I may ask Laurel if I can borrow her's for our next trip. (You like how I just threw that out there, Laurel?)

Jboy & Willie B.

Jboy & Mommy checking out the gorillas.

The cutest redhead. Ever!

The fam.
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Uncle David said...

That's a nice picture of Jonathon sitting on Pop Pop Porter's lap.

Miriam said...

Oh, I bet y'all had a BLAST! I'd LOVE to take a family trip too! As far as the potty training thing goes, I just used this 3 day method that required me to throw away every diaper that I owned and give him drinks galore. He's done great with the exception of pooping. I have come to realize though, some kids get it quickly and some don't.... No matter what treats are offered :)

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