Friday, July 03, 2009

fun in the sun!

Yesterday we bought Jboy a pool. I had seen a hard plastic one with a slide, but when we got there we realized it wouldn't fit in our car. The one we bought instead I think is better anyway. It's certainly bigger, and will be easier to store in the off season.

After letting the sun do the work of heating the water we went out after nap for some summer fun. Jboy really seemed to enjoy it, though I think he got bored of his pool "toys" rather quickly.

Here are a few pics of the little man(n):

Stylin' & profilin'!

The Clavells & Rebecca are coming over tomorrow to celebrate the 4th of July with us. Weather permitting we'll cook out & let the kids play in the pool. We bought some sparklers & "pop-its" and I'm sure we'll all enjoy that! Stay tuned for pictures!
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