Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

I can't believe Christmas has come & gone already. I know we say it every year... but, boy, this year has flown by! We had a wonderful Christmas. The only bad part is that we weren't able to see my parents this year. This is the first time EVER my sister or I haven't been with our parents on Christmas. We had just seen them at Thanksgiving, so that was good, but still, it was weird.

Haley spent the night with us Christmas Eve so she was here to open gifts Christmas morning. She joined us at Chris' parents that afternoon for lunch.

Now, on to what y'all are really here for... the pictures. I hate that Picasa will only let you post four pictures at a time. I have way more than that! So, here are a few highlights. I chose the one's with the best facial expressions! LOL

Diego cars from GaGa & PaPa.

View-Master from GaGa & PaPa.

Color Flash Laptop from Granny (Which he's playing with right now on the desk next to me as I type this.)

Real Projects Workshop from Santa

Turst me when I say this was just the tip of the iceberg of the things he got! Somehow the only pictures we managed to get at Chris' parents house were of Jboy opening his stocking. Hmmm. I'll have to ask them for copies of their pictures so I can share those as well.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!
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The Flower Maiden said...

Looks like he had an awesome Christmas!! I can't believe how big he's gotten!

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