Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wish List

Do you ever think about the things that you would buy if money were no object? The thought crossed my mind earlier, and here are a few things that I came up with (in no particular order) ...

1. Point & Shoot Camera

Now, I already have a big Canon Rebel XT that I love and that takes great pictures. However, it's rather big & bulky, and therefore I tend to not take it with me when we leave the house. I'd love to get a little point & shoot to keep in my purse. I bet the grandparents would agree with this purchase... it would mean more pictures of the little man(n). Hint, hint. ;o)

2. iPod Touch

Now, I'll admit I don't really even know what this thing does. LOL I just keep hearing about all of the cool apps you can get that do just about anything you can think of. It could replace my current iPod, which I love & use all the time. I'm sure the games would come in handy when I need to keep Jboy occupied while waiting on... well, all the things you wait for.

3. Pink Laptop

We have a laptop. It's ancient & weighs about 900 pounds. One day we're going to each get a new laptop & get rid of this dinosaur and our desktop. When that day comes... I want a pink one. Why? Why not?

4. Privacy Fence

Now, this one isn't quite as "fun" as the others on the list, but equally as important. Jboy loves to play outside when the weather is warm, and I'm all for it, but I'm always having to tell him to stay in the backyard & not wander out front. A fence would solve that problem. I'd love to be able to sit out back & let him play to his heart's content & not always be warning him to not go up front. Unfortunately, this one is rather pricey. We had a company come out a couple of years ago & it's going to cost us almost $2000 to have a fence put in. Needless to say it's obvious why we haven't done it yet.

So, if money were no object, what are some fun things you'd buy?

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