Thursday, April 29, 2010

I *heart* music

Anyone who spends much time with me knows how much I love music. If there’s a lag in conversation, odds are I’m going to start singing. Quite an annoying habit, I’m sure. We’ve taken to making sure there’s music playing in the background at all times, at least then I’ll sing along & not just belt out random stuff.

The other day my friend Kimberly posted on her blog about all of the concerts she’s been to, and it got me thinking about the ones I’ve attended.

I’ve been able to come up with the following list so far:

Information Society
Wilson Phillips
Martha Wash (the singer on “Gonna Make You Sweat)
The Triplets (???)
Chris Isaac
Gerardo (yes, Rico Suave. I know you’re jealous)
Donny Osmond
The Gaithers
American Idol: Season 1 (I’ve seen Kelly Clarkson like 5 times including this one)
American Idol: Season 2
American Idol: Season 4 (yes, I have a thing for AI)
Clay Aiken (x7)
James Taylor
The Avett Brothers
New Kids on the Block (in Oct. ‘08. Amazing!)
Lady Gaga (opened for NKOTB before she got so popular)
Natasha Bedingfield
Garth Brooks (x2)
Lincoln Brewster
Charlie Daniels
Countryfest 1996 (a whole bunch of people)

I’m pretty sure there are at least a couple more than this, but I’m drawing a blank.

So, are you a music lover? Do you like concerts? Which ones have you been to?


Elisabeth said...

You should enter to win my CD giveaway! Judging your list, you'd love it!

Lisa said...

Oh gosh! I haven't been to a concert in 20 years!!

Kim said...

Hey! I just saw this. I can't comment on the NKOTB. Too sad.

At this point in my life I am most jealous about Lady Gaga!

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