Monday, May 03, 2010

prepare yourself...

I'm about to brag on my kid a little. ;D This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at Jboy's school. Tomorrow the kids are each bringing a handmade card & flower to their teachers, Mrs Robyn and Ms. Cheryl.

Jboy decided to write his name on the inside of each card, then draw a "happy face" on the back.

Seriously? How smart is my kid? The letters may not be all in the right order, but they're {mostly} identifiable, and at 3.5 years old, I think that's saying alot! He's really been showing a lot of interest lately in how to spell his name & a lot of other words. He likes to type them on his toy laptop, so I've written a few of them on index cards & he just types away. Each time he gets more letters in his name right before he has to look at the card. It won't be long before he can spell it on his own without help!

Now for the "happy faces". Aren't they too funny?! I love that they have hair & legs.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Jonathan that GaGa is proud of his printing and artistic abilities. GaGa would like a handmade card I bet!!HINT-HINT


Lisa said...

That is awesome!!

Melly Elizabeth said...

That is so awesome! BTW- I think that Jonathon has the prettiest red hair I have ever seen on a child!


Kim said...

I think kids are smarter than they were when I was in school.

I know they are smarter than I was!

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