Monday, June 28, 2010

a lot, and nothing, all at once

School has been out for Jboy for a little over a month now. For the most part we haven’t really done anything. We’ve had a couple of play dates with friends, and he went to Vacation Bible School a couple of weeks ago, but that’s about it. It’s been so stinkin’ hot here that I avoid going outside if at all possible. Hopefully we can get together with friends more in the coming weeks.

Otherwise the past week has been a little crazy. Chris went for a physical last month at the request of his mother. He’d been tired a lot over the past several months, and she wanted him to get checked out. It’s a good thing he did. Last week he was officially diagnosed with Diabetes.

At his physical, they ran some fasting blood work. Included in that was a glucose test. He’d been fasting for like 15 hours and his blood sugar was 272!!! Normal, for fasting, is like 100. Um, yeah. They sent him for another test, Hemoglobin A1c, which tests something like how long it takes your body to burn sugar. Normal is under 6%; Chris’ was 13.8%. Again, not good.

Next his doctor wanted him to see an Endocrinologist. The appointment was at noon, so he didn’t fast. The first thing the nurse did was ask Chris if he’d eaten & what. He’d had a bowl of Raisin Bran and some chocolate milk at around 10:00 for breakfast, then drank a 12oz Coke on the way to the appointment. She pricked his finger & then had us guess what the soda had done to his blood sugar. Chris’ guess was around 250 & mine was around there. What was it really? 410!!! Whoa nelly. Not good.

The doctor came in a short time later & asked if he’d been dealing with diabetes for awhile. We were like, “he officially has it?” The doctor said, “Oh, yes definitely.” We hadn’t actually heard the words “you have diabetes”, so I guess we were thinking there was still a chance he didn’t have it.

So, now he “gets” to give himself insulin shots once a day (for now) and take two pills in the morning with breakfast. The number one rule that the doctor gave Chris is no more regular soda & no more sweet tea. My poor southern hubby.

We’ve already been making as many changes as we know to do, and this week we have an appointment with a dietitian. I know we’ll both be glad to get some real answers as to what he should/shouldn’t eat. The internet is a wealth of information but, unfortunately, sometimes it’s conflicting information.

That’s what’s going on with us right now. A lot, and nothing, all at once.


Lisa said...

We can't get out in the heat either; unless it involves the pool and that's like bath water!

Sorry to hear of the diabetes diagnosis, but glad they caught it!

The Flower Maiden said...

Sorry to hear about the diabetes. I found out a couple years ago the my GD never really left me. . .

I am surprised that they put Chris onto insulin injections so quickly. I've actually not heard of that happening very often. What I've noticed docs usually do is they put you on metformin/glucophage or some other diabetic medication and have you change your eating habits. After you get to the max dosage of medication and nothing else seems to be getting your sugars under control then they bring in the insulin. Prayers for all the changes he'll and you all will be going through. If you have any questions you know where to find me! :)

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