Monday, June 14, 2010

Storytime Live!

Saturday, Haley & I took Jboy to the Fox Theater to see Nickelodeon's Storytime Live. It's a live show with some of the characters from shows on Nick Jr. Jboy had a great time participating & dancing around. During the finale the whole cast came out & sang "Shout". I think he jumped the entire time.

Thanks Auntie Haley for the tickets!

Momma & her boy.

First cotton candy experience. Guess what... he liked it! ;D

The finale! It was great fun & I hope we can take him to more shows like this!
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Lisa said...

I've been so tempted to take Millie to this!

Kim said...

This looks like you had fun! I am sure that you will both cherish these moments always!

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