Friday, January 14, 2011

for posterity's sake

{also known as something i can use to blackmail him with when he's 16}

When we were first potty training Jboy, we obviously spent a lot of time in the bathroom. One day, while waiting for him to "do his business", I was getting kind of bored so I started chanting "Push it out, shove it out, WAY OUT!" {a la Bill Cosby "Himself"} Well, he apparently really liked this song & now requests it almost any time he needs to... well, you know. He's been potty trained for almost a year now, and about once a day {sometimes more, sometimes less} you'll find us in the bathroom; him sitting on the porcelain throne & me singing "The Poopy Song". Push it out, shove it out, WAY OUT! Sometimes he'll ask me to sing it louder, or faster, depending on his "needs". Occasionally I'll also do a little dance. Suddenly I've never been more thankful that there isn't a camera in our bathroom.

And since we're on the subject of "intestinal" issues... for some reason, of which I am completely unaware, my child calls passing gas "butt smoke"! Where in the heck did he get that from?! I will say I laugh hysterically every time he says it, so I'm sure that doesn't deter him any.

Do your kids have any funny bathroom "routines"? Please say yes.
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