Monday, January 17, 2011

what’s for dinner?

Some years ago, in an effort to save money, I started planning out our meals for a week or so at a time. This also helps with the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” conversation. I can just look at the calendar & say… meatloaf muffins, or spaghetti, or… whatever you’re fixing. ;) j/k

Sadly, my repertoire isn’t very big so we tend to have the same meals over and over. {and over} Poor Chris. I made a list some time ago with meal options, sides, etc. and just refer to that as I plan our meals.

In my recent efforts to get more organized {we cleaned out the garage today, stay tuned for pics}, I decided to put together a “meal planning” notebook so everything would be in one place and when it came time to do the menu I could just pull out the notebook & have everything I need.

I printed calendars for the entire year, typed the meal list with pretty fonts, and printed enough copies of our grocery list for the year. {I’ve always been a little OCD about some things and we have a typed grocery list that, before they changed everything around, was in aisle order for the WalMart we shop at.} Then I put it all in a 3-ring binder & made a pretty cover.

Here are some pictures:
 IMG_1046_1 IMG_1058_1IMG_1047_1 IMG_1048_1 IMG_1052_1 IMG_1053_1 IMG_1054_1

It’s already made planning our meals easier. Do you plan your meals ahead of time? How far ahead do you plan?


Anonymous said...

Love it Mist!!! But, you always do such a great job on that kind of stuff! You go girl....
Love ya! Mom

Miriam said...

Great job Misti! You have accomplished SO much lately, I am very impressed! I am in "want to" mode. I have a lot of things that I want to do, but am still having a hard time managing my time with our addition. Maybe I should just hire you ;) But as far as menus go, I used to have one and I tried to never have the same thing more than once a month... Then Micah became mobile, and cooking was far from easy. Needless to say supper became more quick and easy.... Now I am a couponer and I cook according to what is on sale, so a lot less planning is done, now more time is spent, clipping, researching, and shopping.

3D Analyzer Software said...

Great idea! I wish I was as organised when planning my meals.

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