Monday, January 10, 2011

snowmageddon 2011

As is always the case when it snows in Atlanta the whole area shuts down. Thankfully we already had enough “supplies” and didn’t have to brave the store with the crazies.

Starting last night around 9:00 the snow started falling, and falling, and falling! It was so beautiful to watch. When we woke up this morning we had about 6 inches! I don’t think we’ve had this much snow in the area in almost 18 years!

Of course we had to get out & play in it this morning. It would’ve been cruel not to do so. There had also been freezing rain last night after the snow, so there was a layer of ice on top.

Since the temperature was only about 27 we bundled up good & headed out. Jboy had on a pair of pajamas (the snug kind since he doesn’t have long johns), a long sleeve t-shirt, fleece sweatpants & a fleece hoody. He also wore a hat, two pairs of mittens & the two hoods (from his hoody & big coat)! We weren’t taking any chances. LOL When it had snowed at Christmas, Lisa told me that she tied grocery bags around the girls shoes so their feet wouldn’t get wet. Brilliant! We did the same to Jboy today & it was awesome!

We had a great time playing in the snow, even though it was too powdery under the ice to really make any good snowballs or a snow man. Chris & Jboy attacked me good a couple of times & I almost fell on my face trying to get away. Thanks guys!

Here are a few pics to enjoy!
IMG_1013_1 IMG_0941_1 IMG_0965_1 IMG_0977_1IMG_0972_1  IMG_0986_1 IMG_1006_1IMG_0992_1

From the looks of it the snow & ice will be here for a couple of days so we’ll be marooned for a while. Thank goodness we have food & that I went to the library yesterday & checked out five books!!!

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