Wednesday, April 27, 2011

as promised...

Here are more pics from Jboy's school Easter Egg Hunt that was held at a nearby park. It turned out to be a beautiful day even though there had been talks of rain.

On the hunt. The eggs were labeled with the kids' names so, not only was it fun, it was a learning tool to help them recognize their name.

Me & my boy.

The whole gang!

Jboy & his teachers. Mrs. Ruth (left) & Mrs. Julie (right). We love his teachers!

I'll be posting about Easter Sunday soon, so keep checking back!


Marlee said...

You have a beautiful family! And he has the brightest red hair I've ever seen! He's so handsome!!

Two Guys Having Chai said...

My daughters informed me that orange-haired people are going to be extinct in 100 years. Keep producing them!

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