Tuesday, April 12, 2011

what a day

Today started off fairly normal. I overslept {that's actually really normal}, took Jboy to school {thank God for the carpool line when you're in your jammies} and came home to eat breakfast & get ready for the day.

After my usual killing time on the internet, I hopped in the shower & headed to WalMart. This is where it gets dicey. I was only in WalMart for about 20 minutes as I was just exchanging something. When I got out to my car to leave, the dang thing wouldn't start! What the heck?! It had been just fine 20 minutes ago.

My very first phone call was to Jboy's school to let them know I was going to be late picking him up. I was supposed to be there about 20 minutes later & knew that wasn't going to happen. After calling Chris, we both agreed it probably wasn't the battery as we'd just replaced it not even 6 months ago. To be safe, though, I went into the Automotive Department & asked one of the guys if he could come out & look at it. He tried jumping it with a battery to no avail. Well, poo.

Finally I called Chris' grandmother to see if she could come pick me up & take me to get Jboy. Thankfully she was available. If she hadn't been, my friend Blythe, whose son Porter is Jboy's bestie, was going to pick him up with her kids. We finally got the boy picked up, thank goodness. He was in the sanctuary helping his teacher, Mrs. Julie, set up for Moments for Mom.

Grandma & Bevvy took us to lunch & then we headed back to their house. Chris' car was at their house since he rides to work with his mom, so I was able to drive home.

Shortly after leaving I realized I'd left my wallet in Chris' grandma's car, so we had to turn around. Then, on the way home I realized that I didn't have a garage door opener, and I was pretty sure I didn't have a house key either. I stopped at the house to try the two keys I have... neither of which are for our house. {note to self, get a house key ASAP}. So, then I had to drive back to WalMart to get my garage door opener & then we could finally get home.

Chris & his dad were going to go check out the car after work, so Jboy & went back over to Chris' parents to bring him a change of clothes. They got home around 6:00 & headed straight out.

After a couple of hours I finally got the good news that they were able to fix it!!! Apparently the gear-rod {or something or other} came undone. My car didn't recognize it was in gear and therefore wouldn't start. I can't say how thankful I am that it turned out to be something simple & {fairly} easily repaired. We're really working on paying off our debt & are on a really tight budget. I don't know what we would've done had it been more involved & expensive.

Needless to say, the day didn't exactly turn out like I had expected it to, but that's okay. It all worked out in the end.

OH! and PS.... today is Jboy's half birthday! He's 4 1/2 years old now! Only 6 months til he turns 5. I can't handle it.


Miriam said...

What a day indeed!! Thank goodness it was just a small problem! Car issues are the WORST!

jsanabria said...

I don;t have A house key either and this whole unable to get into the houseif I am not in my car has happened several times. I keep forgetting to make a new key though!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so now I'm ready for a nap after reading that! I'm pooped... Glad Chris and Ronnie were able to fix it.

Kim said...

What a day!

Brace yourself for 5. It's hard.

Lakyn turns 8 tomorrow.


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