Sunday, April 17, 2011

please stop...

time from passing, please.

This past week the fact that Jboy is growing up has been glaringly obvious. It's been a week of milestones.

Jboy's been potty trained for over a year, but, he's still been wearing Pull-Ups to bed. The vast majority of the time he wakes up dry, but occasionally he'd be wet. Earlier this week we were down to one Pull-Up and it was in pretty bad shape as he'd worn it a few times. It seemed like the perfect time to try sleeping in big boy undies for the first time. We made sure he used the bathroom before bed & told him numerous times that if he woke up & needed to potty to get up. He's worn undies to bed every night & has done great!!! No more diapers/Pull-Ups for us!!!

After my car broke down on Tuesday we had put Jboy's car seat in the kitchen so Chris could put it back in my car. {how many times can I say the word "car" in one sentence?} Jboy thought it was a good time to sit in it & "drive". While playing in it he also figured out how to buckle himself in! It still takes him some time to do it, but if we're not in a hurry I let him do it himself now. Saves me a step!

The next one isn't necessarily a good development. He was trying to get into the junk drawer yesterday and figured out how to work the child lock! I guess it's time to move the scissors & Sharpies!

Every day it's becoming more & more evident how much my little man is growing up. I have to say I don't like it one bit!


Anonymous said...

Pay backs are tough..LOL

Gorgeous Gourmet said...

Love your blog! So glad I found it :)

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