Friday, August 24, 2007

I love ya, tomorrow

Tomorrow is another day of scrapping! I'm so excited to spend the day with good friends and (at least attempting) to let my creative juices flow. I've got a few pages that I *need* to do. I'd really like to have Jonathan's scrapbook as up to date as possible before his birthday party so I can have it sitting out for everyone to look at. So, I'll probably be working on pages for his *month* birthday pictures; so far I've done 1-4, so that leaves 6 left to do. Whoa, I don't remember the last time I actually got 6 pages done in one day. Oh well, I'll do what I can & work on the rest another time.

I had meant to mention a while back a layout that my friend Rebecca did of Jonathan from his first pool experience. You can see it here. I LOVE this layout. I think it just captures the moment so well, he looks so relaxed! I'm so grateful that Rebecca decided to give me the layout to put in Jonathan's book. I could never come up with something that adorable! Thanks, R!

The little man appears to be cutting at least one tooth right now. I can see the top left (not the middle left, but the one next to it, does that make sense?) one just about to pop through. I think the right one isn't too far behind. Poor thing, for some reason his top teeth are working him over worse than his bottom ones did. He had a bit of a temperature today and was a bit more fussy than usual. I was worried that he was getting sick again, but thankfully Lisa reminded me that sometimes they can run a slight fever when a tooth is coming in. And lo and behold when I looked I could see that one just ready to burst through. I hope it and the other one comes in quickly & don't bother him too much more.

Well, the bed is calling my name. I'd better get on in there since I have to get up early tomorrow. Until next time....

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