Thursday, April 23, 2009

when good clippers go bad

Okay, so I'm *mostly* kidding about the title. Mostly. This past weekend I went away with the girls for a fun filled getaway of relaxation, laughs, and oh yeah... some scrapbooking. There will be another post to follow about that... sometime.

Anyhoo... while I was gone, Chris decided that Jonathan needed a haircut. I should back up a bit & say that Chris & I have been having "discussions" about Jonathan's hair since forever. He's always wanted to just use the clippers, and I've always just refused. I love Jonathan's red hair & it's always been super cute. Cut to Mommy being gone & Daddy home alone with the kidlet. He called me on Friday (or Saturday, the whole weekend was a blur) and told me that he'd cut Jonathan's hair. I had a bit of a fit. I did manage to calm down eventually, understanding that it's "just" hair and it will grow back. I should also point out that Jonathan has two cowlicks, one on the top of his head, and one right in front. That one in front has worried me since the day he was born.

Well, I get home Monday night & the boy is in bed, so it's not until Tuesday that I really get a good look at his hair. I will admit that it's not as bad as I was expecting... but it's still way too short for my taste. Especially on the top & front. That front cowlick calls for longer hair to help it lay down.

What do you think? You can scroll down a few posts & see what his hair looked like before.

I'm not quite sure what's up in this picture, it's not that uneven on top, maybe it's the angle. And side note... doesn't he look ridiculously grown up in this picture? Ack!

So, all in all, it could've been a lot worse, but we'll definitely be growing it out. Like Chris said, now we know what it looks like buzzed. And like I say... now we know not to do that again. :o) Love ya babe!
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Miriam said...

He looks SO BIG!

laurel said...

I think it looks cute. Makes a good summer cut.

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