Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow 2010 v2.0

For the second time in as many months it snowed down here in the South. Unlike last month, where we only got about an inch, there was probably 4-5 inches on the ground! It started snowing at around 2pm & didn't stop until well after dark. Of course we had to get out in it & play. I have to say it was much more fun this time around.

Here's Jboy doing his best penquin impersonation. He has the best imagination & I love watching him pretend. Notice you can't even see his feet!

I don't know the last time (ever?) I built a snow man. This is more like a snow toddler. Leftover Halloween candy came in handy as the eyes & nose for our little guy. As did the cowboy hat Jboy got at the Fall Festival we went to in October.

No, he's not about to eat the snow. He's about to throw it at his mommy. :o)

Even though it get's a little crazy down here in the South when it snows, it's so beautiful. I wouldn't mind for it to happen another time or two before winter's over.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mist!!! I love the penguin and the snowman pictures. The penguin one is soooo clear when you enlarge it. He is still the cutest little red headed boy ever!
Love Mom

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