Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Lego Birthday Party!!!

Since Jonathan has been into playing & building with Legos lately, we decided to have a Lego theme for his 5th birthday.

Let me just say, the internet is such an amazing tool when trying to come up with ideas for any kind of themed birthday party. I only wish I could’ve used every idea I found! {I’m going to put a list of links at the bottom of the post to show where I got these ideas.}

I’ll start with the decorations:

Welcome to the party!

Lego “blocks” hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen.
Banner on the mantle. I made the “blocks” in Photoshop & just printed them & cut them out. The little Lego guy I found on a blog & there was a free download! I thought he was so cute!!!
We also put Legos in jars, and lying around as decorations for the mantle. The jar on the right was a “Guess How Many” game for the grown-ups mostly. The winner won a restaurant gift card.

After a traumatic cake decorating situation at Jboy’s 3rd birthday, I’ve done cupcakes for the last two parties. Saves my sanity for sure! I downloaded pictures of several Lego Minifigures and used them as cupcake toppers. We also made candy minifigs to decorate some of the cupcakes. Apparently they were quite tasty.

Games! In addition to the “Guess How Many” game, the kids played a variation of “Hot Potato”. I built a little block for them to pass around. Whoever was holding it when the music stopped was out & got to choose a Mystery Minifigure out of a bucket.

Goodie bags! I loved this idea for goodie bags. And they were cheap too! I found the bags at the Dollar Tree & used a circle punch to cut out cardstock to put on the front.
I found these minifigure masks to download on the Lego website & put them in the goodie bags. The kids loved them. I also downloaded some coloring pages to put in there as well.
I can’t seem to find a picture of the finished product, but we also made Lego shaped crayons with a mold I bought online. They turned out really cute.

I really enjoyed having a theme for the party. To me, it made everything easier as I had something to work with. I wonder what he’ll want for next year?…

Lego Minifigure download at Winks & Daisies {the download link is in the comments, a few comments from the top}
Goodie bag idea {and lots more!} at Homemaking Fun
Party Games at Best Birthday Ideas
Minifigure Mask download at Lego website
Lego Brick Mold at Amazon
Minifigure Mold at Lego {I bought mine at the Lego store}
Lego font is Legothick & can be downloaded here

If you have done, or are planning a Lego themed {or really any themed} party, I’d love to see it! Leave me a link in the comments so I can check it out!

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Miriam said...

LOVE THIS! You did a great job! I am already thinking we'll be having a Lego party in our future....

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