Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Playing catch up

I’ve been a terrible blogger of late. No real reason, just in a slump I guess. But I miss it, so I’m going to try to jump back in with both feet.

First of all – I want to say Hi! to all of you who have come by thanks to Kelly’s Show Us Your Life – Mom’s of Only Children. Welcome! I haven’t talked at all on here about why Jonathan is {and likely will always be} an only child. I’ll work on posting that soon.

Okay… on to the catching up. I haven’t really posted anything since Jboy started back to school in August, so here are a few things that have gone on since then:


We painted the spare bathroom. {Jonathan’s bathroom}

Jboy had snack at school & the letter of the week was “H”. I made “hamburgers” & “fries”. {Really ‘Nilla wafers with peppermint patties in between and block cheese cut into “fries”.}


Chris turned 37 on October 2nd. Unfortunately we didn’t have a “7” candle so we had to improvise.

Jboy helped me make pancakes for dinner. He loves helping out in the kitchen & always wants to put on his “cooking hat” & apron. This apron is one that came from Publix’s Kid’s Club, but my mom made him a super cute robot one he can wear from now on.
IMG_2387_1 IMG_2386_1

Jboy turned 5{!!!} on the 12th and we had a Lego party to celebrate. It was so much fun & we all had a great time. {I’m planning a separate post on that soon.} IMG_1648_1 IMG_1681_1
Lego party = crazy amounts of Legos that Daddy & Jboy {mainly Daddy} spent all day putting together. I don’t think any of these are completely put together anymore. Ha!

Jonathan also got a bike for his birthday from my parents {who flew in from Oklahoma for the party & week after}. He loves riding it & is really pretty good at it.
IMG_2442_1 IMG_2438_1

Whew. Well, that gets me through up until the last couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll be a posting fool from now on. :)

Stay tuned…

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Miriam said...

Yay! Welcome back!

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