Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pool party!!!

Yesterday Jonathan went to his first pool party. Rebecca had invited several of us over for the evening to have dinner & go swimming. Lisa, the kidlets and I arrived at around 3:00. The husbands and Laurel joined us after work. With all of the accessories needed for the kids; bathing suits, floaties, noodles, towels, sunscreen, etc., it looked like we were moving in for the weekend. We pretty much just took over the upstairs living room. Once we got everyone in their suits & lathered up with sunscreen, we headed for the pool. I was pretty sure Jonathan would like it, since he loves taking baths. I was right. Lisa was kind enough to let us use this neat floatie innertube thing, and as you can see, Jonathan just kicked back & relaxed. He was having a great time just floating around & watching the other kids swim & jump into the pool. He just about fell asleep at one point, and probably would have, but we had to get out & stand under the covering while it stormed. He slept during the whole thing.

After everyone else came & we ate dinner, back to the pool we went. This time Jonathan accidentally got dunked a couple of times, but it didn't seem to bother him too much. The first time kind of scared him a little, but he was fine after just a second or two. We took him out of the floatie & held him and let him splash. That was his favorite part, I think. It's just like a big bathtub. He would've stayed in all night I think, but he started acting like he was cold so I took him out & dried him off. We'll have to make sure & go swimming a few more times this summer. Next year will be even more fun, I bet.
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