Friday, June 01, 2007

Random stuff

Playing in the floor with Daddy.

I mean, seriously, could he be any cuter? I love this outfit! I don't know if you can read what the shirt says, but it says "Mane Man"! I just had to buy it when I saw it in the store.

Well, I took Jonathan to the doctor this morning as I suspected he had an ear infection. I was right. ;o( There were a few things that made me wonder, but there was a possible explanation for all of them. He'd been pulling at his ears, but since he mostly did it when he was sleepy, I didn't know if it meant anything. He's not been drinking as much of his bottles, but we'd started feeding him more solid foods, so maybe he just wasn't hungry. He'd been a little more fussy than usual, but he's not usually fussy at all, so any amount seems strange. Anyway, I decided that it would be better to have him checked out and it be nothing than not get it checked and it get really bad. I'm glad I took him in. He was NOT impressed with having his ears checked, especially when she had to use the little thing to get wax out. I think it might have just been the fact that I had to hold him down. Once she was finished he was fine. So, we have a prescription for an antibiotic & hopefully it will clear up soon.

We're going on a road trip up to Missouri to visit my family in a couple of weeks. It will be Jonathan's first trip out of state. Maybe we can stop at the "state" signs & take pictures. I wonder if I can convince Dad & Chris to stop for that? We're going to have a caravan on the way up there; Mom, Dad & Haley are all going too! I'm really looking forward to the visit. We haven't been up there in at least 5 years. All of my grandparents & an aunt, uncle & cousin all live in the same small town. One of the main reasons for the trip is so that Jonathan can meet my Grandpa Porter. I want to make sure Jonathan meets him while we still have the chance.

I guess I'd better try and be a least a little productive while Jonathan's napping... until next time!
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