Wednesday, November 05, 2008

yeah, so much for NaBloPoMo

I already missed a day. How sad is that? I guess that's what I get for waiting until the end of the day to post. Before you know it it's after midnight & you've missed your chance.

I was up late watching Real Housewives of Atlanta, and oh yeah, the election coverage. I'm not one to talk politics, mostly because I don't really understand most of it. The candidate that I voted for didn't win, but I'm still proud of our country and the fact that so many people turned out to vote. This was no doubt a historical election and I was glad to be a part of it; no matter the outcome.

Last week I posted about my recent struggles on my weight loss journey. Well, I went back to Weight Watchers on Saturday to weigh in. The verdict? Up 12 pounds! Blech. I was completely expecting it, but it's still not something you want to hear. I'm proud to say that I've stayed on plan all week & have every intention of continuing to do so. I'm anxious to see what the scale says this week.

Well, I'm off for now...

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