Thursday, August 13, 2009

here's hoping

Like I said earlier, we're going to try a new incentive for potty training Jboy. This kid loves cars, so why not play into that? I made this handy dandy Potty Chart this evening & so far so good. Every time he pees in the potty he gets 1 sticker, poop (sorry!) is 2 stickers. When the whole row is filled & he covers the little car he gets to choose a new Matchbox car out of a bucket. At the end of the entire chart he'll get a big present. I haven't quite figured out what yet, but I'm sure it will involve cars in some way. ;o)

Just for fun, here's what the front of our refrigerator looks like. Kind of a mess, but it works for us. I love my calendar from FlyLady. It has huge spaces to write in and I got ridiculously excited when it came in the mail. It's all color coded and makes my heart happy.

Wow, two posts in one day. It's a miracle ladies & gentlemen!
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Rebecca said...

go Jboy go! That's a great idea!

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