Sunday, August 16, 2009

weekend snapshots

I can't believe this weekend is over already; it flew by! In honor of Rebecca's birthday a group of us went to the R-Ranch for fun, lots of food & fellowship. All of the above was had in abundance.

Saturday was spent at the pool. We set up camp & enjoyed the day. As you can see, Chris & Jboy were completely worn out. I swear they slept for 3.5 hours!

Love the new look, honey! (I love Jboy's expression in the background. He thinks his Daddy is hilarious!)

After a delicious dinner prepared by Rebecca's mom, Chris & Michael started a fire & we roasted marshmallows & made S'mores. We had such a great time singing old campfire songs. We sang everything from "Kum Ba Yah" to "All the Single Ladies". At one point we even sang some Christmas carols & decided to go caroling at Rebecca's mom, Ellen's, window. We were getting quite a kick out of ourselves. I love making memories like this with my friends.

Jboy got to do something very exciting this morning... ride a horse! Doesn't he look so tiny up there?! Michael walked with him as he had closed toed shoes on & I had only packed sandals for Chris. I think Jboy really liked it. He tends to be pretty cautious so I wasn't sure how he'd react to this huge animal, but he had a great time. Hopefully Laurel or Rebecca got some better shots than I did.

We had a great time. Thank you Ellen for inviting us & thank you Rebecca for having a birthday so we could all get away for a little bit. ;o)
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