Monday, March 01, 2010


Look at what Jboy can do!

Here, he's written his "name"! Seriously?! My kid's a genius. LOL No, really, I'm super impressed with his letter writing abilities. I hadn't even thought to ask him to write any letters, thinking he was too young. But the other day in the bath he was playing with some new bath markers so I asked him to write his name & started spelling it for him. Lo & behold he could actually write a few of the letters. Holy cow! Preschool is awesome! I certainly can't take any credit for this new skill.

Jboy's has a new favorite cartoon. Team Umizoomi on Nickelodeon. I should seriously try to get video of him when the show comes on. He gets all excited & starts singing along with the theme song. Super cute. Chris' aunt Bevvy's birthday is this week, so I asked Jboy if he'd like to draw her a picture as a gift. He decided to draw a picture of Geo from Team Umizoomi. Click HERE to see a picture of Geo. I think he did a pretty fantastic job! ;0)

We'll have to put together more pieces for his portfolio & post them for y'all to see. Stay tuned!
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