Friday, November 12, 2010


My sister, Haley, and I may be very different, but there's one thing we have in common: we love music & going to concerts. During my Clay Aiken phase (don't hate) she came with me to several shows. Once, after standing outside in the cold after a show in Winston Salem, NC, he even touched her hand. Boy was I jealous. Anyway, that's another post for another day.

All that to say Haley and I enjoy going to concerts together. This Wednesday, we added another to our list when we saw Hanson here in Atlanta. Yes, I said Hanson. Most people probably remember them most for their hit MmmBop from the early 90s. They've come a long way since then. I have to say, their show was one of my favorites so far.

We got to the venue early enough to hear the last few songs of the opening act, Jarrod Gorbel. He was pretty good too.

The tickets were general admission, so we were able to stand pretty close to the stage. I will say, the next time I go to a general admission show where I'll be standing the whole time, I'll definitely wear different shoes. Stupidly I wore ballet flats & my feet were KILLING me very early on. Add that to the heat & my rising anxiety due to the close proximity of the other concert goers & I was having some ishahs. (I don't like crowds. I know, then why do I go to concerts? What can I say, I love 'em.)

Once Hanson came out though, I was able to forget about my feet, etc & really enjoy the show. They are fantastic musicians & performers. Especially the middle brother, Taylor. He's my fave. ;)

Here are a few pics from the show. (Haley was in charge of the photography & took 217 pictures!!!)

Taylor Hanson

Isaac (far left), Zach (middle on drums) and Taylor (right)



Taylor standing on the piano during the encore. I was scared to death the thing was going to tip over.

Taylor making nice with the fans.

Unfortunately I didn't take any video, but I found a few on youtube from that night. Here's a good one called "This Time Around":

It was a great show & I'd love to see them live again sometime. If you haven't yet, you should check out their newest album Shout It Out. My favorite song right now is "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'" off this cd. Love!


laurel said...

Such cute boys! I have a couple of their albums and will have to check out their new one.

Jennifer said...

I never was a fan of Hanson but probably because the only song I knew was the Mmbop one you mentioned. Boy, have they grown up! And while I never saw Clay Aiken in concert, I did buy a cd of his after American Idol. :)

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