Monday, November 08, 2010

exclusive interview

You may, or may not, remember me posting an "interview" I did with Jboy back in April. Well, I decided to ask the questions again to see how his answers have changed. I give you Jboy v. 4.0:

First, questions about Mommy & Daddy:

What does Daddy always say to you? Don’t hit Mommy
What does Mommy always say to you? Don’t hit Daddy
What makes Daddy happy? When I listen
What makes Mommy happy? When I listen
What makes Daddy cry? When I don’t listen
What makes Mommy cry? When I don’t listen
How old is Daddy? 13
How old is Mommy? 14
What is Daddy's favorite thing to do? Go to work
What is Mommy's favorite thing to do? Hit the remote (huh?)
Where does Daddy work? At work.
What does he do? I don't know
What does Mommy do while you're at school? Get some gas for the car
What is Daddy's favorite food? Chicken-fil-a
What is Mommy's favorite food? Chicken-fil-a

Now, questions about Jboy:
What is your favorite color? All the colors
What is your favorite food? chicken & fries
Who is your favorite friend? Porter & Josh
What is your favorite toy? cars
What is your favorite movie? All the movies
What is your favorite TV Show/cartoon? All of them
What is your favorite book? I don’t know
What is your favorite song? Old McDonald Had a Farm

I'm going to try to remember to do this every 6 months or so. They would make really cute scrapbook pages too!
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