Monday, April 02, 2007

just a couple...

of pictures to share. I have several new ones, but Haley has the camera at the moment, so here are some from a couple of weeks ago.

Jonathan has really been sitting up by himself well for a few days. Last night we sat in the floor with Chris & rolled the ball back & forth. He sat up between my legs for a long time with no support. Every once in awhile he'd lean back on me for a minute like he was resting or something, then he'd sit up again. You can also see in the picture his tongue sticking out. That's one of his new "tricks". It's so stinking cute! I think I have some more pictures of it on my camera, so I'll post them when I get it back.

I thought this picture was just too cute. Daddy & son napping together.

Well, speaking of naps, Jonathan seems to be done with his. He's done pretty good today and napped in his crib for about an hour. I'm trying to work him up to napping longer in there because when he wakes up, he often just goes back to sleep while I'm holding him & sleeps for quite a while longer. Any suggestions?

Oh yeah, before I go, we gave little boy squash starting last week & he seems to like that too. (Again, I have pics on the camera so stay tuned.) So far he likes one more veggie than Chris & two more than me! LOL Sadly Mommy doesn't have very good eating habits, especially when it comes to fruits & veggies. We may start carrots or sweet potatos tomorrow, although I'd like to have the camera handy... hmmm, we'll see.

He seems to have fallen back to sleep, we'll see how long it lasts.
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Haley said...

You sure seem to be leaving alot of hints that you want your camera back. I bet you are regretting not taking mine.

Angela Rogers said...

Landon "napped" the same way, it seemed impossible at the time, but realy after talking to other moms, I think its pretty common. I chose to use those holding naps as time to read, or relax, or sleep, and "catching up" just had to wait!!! Of course Lance didnt quite understand when he came home and the house was still a mess, but what can ya do! The babes are only small for so long!! Good luck! Jonathan is absolutly ADORABLE by the way!!

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