Thursday, April 19, 2007

Misti needs

While on my nightly "stroll" of the blogs I read I saw this on Jennifer Sizemore's blog... you go to a search engine (I used Google) and type your name followed by "needs", both in quotations. Here are the first 10 that come up for my name:

1. Misti needs to get back to her true calling, which she does better than anyone else I know: writing screenplays. (who knew, a hidden talent)
2. Misti needs help. (I'm sure that's obvious to anyone who knows me)
3. Misti needs help from African partners regarding:. – Accommodation
4. I think Misti needs to re-evaluate this (what exactly would "this" be?)
5. misti needs a new dizzy (well who doesn't)
6. Misti needs a divorce. (news to me)
7. Misti needs some cheese with that wine.
8. Misti needs to get a new profile picture (I just put a new one up the other day)
9. misti needs a new blog (why? Is this one boring?)
10. misti needs another pair of ears, arms or shoulders (what?)

Now you try it, and post your results!


Jennifer Sizemore said...

Heeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeee - those are hilarious! I would rathy have a dizzy than a smack daddy!

Misti said...

This is freaky. I did this (as a facebook thing) & your blog came up as the first on my list. So not only is there another Misti (spelled w/ an i) but I'm in GA as well (Roswell area). I don't have kids but I do have short hair. :-)

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