Sunday, January 06, 2008

random pics & stuff

Here are a few pictures from today. The first is Jonathan getting "beautified" after his bath. Doesn't he look adorable all wrapped up in that towel!?

Earlier while he was playing in his playroom he starts whining, we go check out the situation and he's gotten into the wagon my parents got him for Christmas and can't get out. He wasn't in it too far because it's filled with blocks, but he was stuck.

We had a really nice weekend. Yesterday was a scrapping day for me, and I needed the time away. Rebecca & Laurel had both been quite sick during the week so they wisely decided to stay home and rest. So I spent the day scrapping with Stephanie & Sandy. R & L had met them a long time ago at Archiver's & they've become great scrapping buddies. I hadn't had a chance to spend too much time with them, but we had great fun yesterday. I was actually productive which is a good thing. I'm working on a gift for someone, so once it's finished & has been given to the recipient I'll be sure & post pictures.

Unfortunately we didn't go to church again today. I told Chris the other night that I'd like us to sit down separately and make a list of things that are important to us in a church & what level of priority they are. Then we can compare notes & kind of go from there. I'm really anxious for us to find somewhere that we can get settled & involved in. I don't like being in limbo like this.

Since we didn't go to church today we got up & did our grocery shopping *early*. By early I mean like 10:30, but since we usually go after lunch it was early. It was much less crowded at Wal-Mart at that time of day, so we may try doing that again in the future. (Hopefully after we go to church though!) After groceries we headed to our favorite restaurant, Nagoya Japanese Steakhouse. We go there every week & they know us now. For the past 4-5 weeks we'd had the same chef, but today we had a new one. He was good, but I missed our regular. After lunch Haley came over & we ran to Target while Chris went golfing with his dad. It was such a beautiful day outside it would've been wrong for them to not go. I love that Chris has found a *hobby* that he enjoys. (Would golf be considered a *hobby*?) Anyway, it's something he can go do & decompress. He works really hard & deserves to be able to relax as much as possible.

Well, I'm pretty tired, so I'd bette hit the sack. Until next time....
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laurel said...

Such cute pictures! Jonathan is always so adorable. Glad you had so much fun scrapbooking. I was there in spirit.

Rebecca said...

Ummm - scuse me...where are that boy's pants??? :) Super cute.

LilCzarina said...

Rebecca, Misti is lucky he is wearing his diaper (or pull-up). I remember when Alex wore those he would have had that off, as well as his pants.

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