Thursday, March 27, 2008


As I said in my last post, tonight was mine & Rebecca's 2nd installment of Get Off Your Butt and Stop Procrastinating Night (GOYBSPN). My project for the evening was to clean out the refridgerator. Chris helped, he's kind enough to be in charge of emptying the science projects leftovers. I gag anytime I do it. Which of course is an indicator that I don't clean out the fridge near enough. Here are the before/during/after pics:

The aforementioned science projects leftovers.


Doesn't it look lovely now? I got quite inspired & pulled out all of the door shelves & drawers and washed those. I also wiped down all of the other shelves. It's amazing (or maybe not) how nasty the inside of a fridge can get if you neglect it. Well, I plan to make a much more concerted effort in the future to keep it clean.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete my wedding album. The page protectors that I bought don't fit. Grrr. I may try to head to Archiver's or JoAnn's to see if I can find the right ones there. Otherwise, I guess I will have to put them in a separate album.

I think Rebecca got quite a lot accomplished this evening as well. She'll be posting about it on her blog soon, I'm sure. Head over & check it out.

So, another GOYBSPN has passed successfully. Won't you join us next week? I promise you'll be glad you did!
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EMo said...

How wonderful! Your clean refrigerator looks great - you did a good job. Thanks for sharing.


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