Tuesday, May 27, 2008

chug it, chug it!

At the laser show Sunday night I gave Jonathan my empty Diet A&W bottle to play with. I snapped this pic of him pretending to drink it; looks like he's drinking a beer, doesn't it!

Here are a couple of pics from that evening. Jonathan obviously gets his gorgeous blue eyes from his daddy.

This afternoon I was in the living room & Jonathan disappeared into the kitchen. A bit later he starts calling, "Mo-mmy, Mo-mmy" so I go in there to see what he wants. This is what I find! The climbing phase has officially begun; not one I'm looking forward to. BTW - he put that hat on all by himself which cracked me up.

Off to bed.... until next time!
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Haley said...

That's my boy! Just like his auntie!

laurel said...

Well, at least you don't have stairs to contend with. He looks very cute with that hat on.

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