Wednesday, May 21, 2008

fast food junkie

In case you haven't noticed, I eat fast food a lot! I've made changes in what I order; I never order anything but a kids meal (except at Long John Silvers) so my portion sizes are WAY down from where they used to be. And to prove I'm a fast food junkie, here's what I ate today...

(no breakfast, I never eat before weighing in!)
kids meal from Zaxby's
a couple of raisins
12 m&ms (yes I counted)
kids meal from McDonald's

I think I could've won the "Worst Mother of the Year" award this evening. I fed my child McDonald's in the car while driving to church. Not setting a very good example, now am I? Something I need to work on. Thankfully he doesn't seem to have inherited most of my terrible eating habits. He loves fruit & vegetables; so NOT like his mama. And let me tell you, this kid LOVES him some watermelon! Once they come in season we'll definintely have to buy a few whole.

Today was weigh in and I was quite pleased with the results; down another 1.6! That puts my total at 36.2 pounds lost! I don't think I ever posted about hitting my next "mini-goal". At weigh in two weeks ago I dropped to under 200 pounds! This is a huge deal for me. For some reason it just really affects how I think about some things. For several years I've been terrified of breaking a chair, not fitting in an amusment park/airplane seat, etc. Slowly but surely that fear is lessening. It still crosses my mind, but I try to push it away. I've already set my next "mini-goal"; to weigh less than Chris. Again... huge deal in my book! I think the last time we talked about it he was around 182 (you don't mind that I just put that out there, do ya babe? LOL). He's lost 40+ pounds over the last several months, but I told him slow things down a bit so I could catch up with him! ;o) I'm not sure what my "mini-goal" will be after that... maybe to actually weigh what my drivers license says I do! LOL I still have a long way to go, but I'm happy with the progress I've made so far.

Well, I'm meeting a girlfriend at the park in the morning to walk, so I'd better get to bed. 'Night!

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beejo said...

yay for you! that's so inspiring! congrats!

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