Tuesday, May 20, 2008

you are what you eat...

Y'all are going to get real sick of this, real quick I imagine. But I have found that it affects what I eat during the day, knowing I'm going to post it here for all to see.

bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios (you'll see this ALOT)
Long John Silver's - 1 pc. fish, fries, 2 hush puppies
corn dog & macaroni & cheese
a few several handfuls of Frosted Flakes

Again, I did pretty good until after dinner. Those Frosted Flakes were just calling my name. I didn't used to have this problem with snacking after dinner; I don't know what's going on. Tomorrow is weigh in day. I'm not really expecting a great number, but I just have to move forward & keep trying to stay within my points each day. I'm also trying to exercise a few times a week.

The fence company called this morning & rescheduled their appointment for Friday. I didn't mind too much because then I didn't have to worry about watching the time while we were at the park. I had another fairly productive day here at home. More laundry. If I can keep up with my one load a day plan then it doesn't get out of control.

Aren't you so glad I decided to start doing this?

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