Thursday, May 29, 2008

He's a dancin' machine!

This evening we were watching So, You Think You Can Dance? and our little dancing machine was getting down. Thankfully I was able to capture a little of it on video. So now, for your viewing pleasure...

I swear this kid's going to be a dancer, singer or musician when get grows up. Ever since he was in the womb he's loved music. He now knows some of the motions to "The Wheels on the Bus" which is too cute. Maybe I'll try to get that on video in the next day or two.

So, yesterday was weigh in day... I lost another pound! That makes 37.2 pounds lost so far! I'm now officially at the same weight I was the first time I ever set foot in a Weight Watchers location. On one hand I'm excited to be here, on the other I'm sad that I had let myself get far enough that I had to lose 37.2 pounds to get back to this point. But, this is a new journey and I'm in it for the long haul this time!

Starting next week I'm going to be changing my weigh in day to Saturday. I've been attending meetings on Wednesday mornings for a couple of reasons; 1) my friend Jennifer goes to that meeting, and 2) I LOVE the leader, Trudie. She's amazing. Well, my worst fear came true this week. Apparently there's been a couple of complaints about the kids & noise during the meeting. (I basically took it to mean someone complained about Jonathan as he's the only child there that talks. The other kids are all quiet.) They do offer a "Mommy & Me" meeting on Thursday mornings, which I could attend, but Trudie isn't the leader for that one. So, I'll be changing to Saturday mornings. That way I can leave Jonathan at home with Chris & still attend a meeting with Trudie.

I'm really quite embarrassed that someone complained. Jonathan is a very vocal child. During the meetings he's not crying or being upset, but he likes to talk & gets excited easily. I've tried everything I can think of to keep him occupied & quiet, but nothing has worked. I feel like people think I can't "control" my child, when that's not really the case. I totally understand where they're coming from though; they're at the meeting to learn & receive encouragement and it can be distracting when there's a child in the back making noise. No matter how cute he is! LOL So, I'll change meetings & maybe in a few months will be able to re-join my friend.

** Dad & Chris' Dad... skip this part!***
On a happier note... I need a new bra! Is that an overshare? LOL I've noticed that my bras aren't fitting as well lately; riding up on me, etc. So, today I stopped in the Bali/Playtex store & got re-sized. I've lost two inches in my bust & possibly gone down a cup size!!! How exciting is that? (I warned you, Dads!)

Well, I'd better get to bed.... "see" you soon!


Machelle said...

he is too cute misti!!

laurel said...

That's funny!

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