Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It started with a bang, and ended with a bang...

My goodness, has it been a week already? Time is flying by, I tell ya.

It's been a busy week. We started the last set of childbirth preparation classes last Thursday. We learned some relaxation breathing & watched a birth video. It's amazing what our bodies were created to do. Kinda scary, but still amazing. The video we watched was of a birth with an epidural and our instructor, Melissa, said that we're also going to watch a natural delivery, a forceps/vacuum delivery, and a C-section delivery so we can see pretty much all of the options. During tomorrow's class we're going to take our hospital tour, so that's exciting.

I took Friday off so I could have a "spa day" before the baby shower on Saturday. It was wonderful! I hadn't had my hair cut since November, and that's way too long. When Kori came over to start she said, "You're here for your "yearly" haircut." Sad, but basically true. I really need to try and get up there more often as my hair looks better short. I also went and had a manicure/pedicure and eyebrow wax. I had nearly forgotten how much I like having my nails done. It always makes me feel so pretty. One more thing to add to the list of things to try and do more often.

While I was off being pampered, my mom was at our house working like a dog in the yard. I'm so thankful that she was willing to do that for us. Especially since it was like a zillion degrees outside. Okay, maybe just mid/high 90's, but still, you get the idea. It looks so much better out there now. Chris and I just really aren't yard work people, but we need to get our hineys in gear & take better care of the yard.

Saturday was the baby shower! It turned out to be an interesting day, but still great overall. Pam came over around 10:00 to get started preparing the food. She did a wonderful job with the food & decorating. Lisa & Rebecca got there around 12:00 to help set up & finish decorating. Everything really turned out cute! I'll post some pictures of the tables once I get home. (I'm at work... shhhh, don't tell).

Here's where it gets really exciting! A few people had started showing up, so we were standing around chatting & catching up. All of a sudden we hear this terrible CRASH! We're like, "that doesn't sound good" so we go and look in the garage. This is what we see:

Thats Pam's car THROUGH my closed garage door! Holy cow! So we all go running outside to see what happened & find this:

Chris' Aunt Sandra had pulled in the driveway behind Pam's car and her foot had slid off the brake! She had hit Pam's car & it slid into our garage. She felt so bad, and I think she was really embarrassed. I tried reassuring her that it was okay. After all, it's just a garage door & car, they can be fixed and no one was hurt.

So we moved on with the day, and the rest of the guests arrived. The shower went off without a hitch. It was wonderful and we received a lot of amazing gifts. Here's a shot of the nursery filled with the presents:

Chris' parents got us the carseat/stroller combo, and my parents got us the Pack n' Play and swing. We also got the bouncy seat, jumperoo and A LOT of neccessities. We have so many bibs & washcloths that we probably won't need to buy any. We also got the cutest stuffed giraffe from Rebecca & Lisa. I've never seen anything quite as cute, I don't see him in the picture above, so I'll have to make sure and post one.

Here's where it gets interesting again. Once the shower was over, and pretty much everyone had left, the boys came back from watching their movie. For some reason they didn't want to stick around for the shower! Who knows why? Not interesting in hanging out with a bunch of women and saying "ooh" and "aah" in all the right places?

When they got home, they spent a few minutes inspecting the damage to the garage & car. It was pretty funny because they looked like such stereotypical males, circling the car & making comments. I wish we'd taken some pictures. They lifted up on one of the door panels so Kevin could back Pam's car out. We still needed to be able to get OUR cars out of the garage, so they went to work taking off the bottom panel, so they could raise the door. Meanwhile, people are starting to clean up inside and I sat down to finally eat a piece of the yummy cake. (It was quite yummy, by the way.)

All of a sudden we hear this terrible CRASH! (sound familiar?) It sounded to me like shelves had fallen or something, but we don't have shelves in the garage. The next thing I hear is Chris saying, "I'm bleeding!". The rest of it is kind of a blur to me, but this is how I remember it... I start panicking and asking if he's hurt. People are running in & out of the garage getting towels and telling me to sit down & not go out there. Now I'm really freaking out. My mom comes running in & says something about, "Do we need to call 911?", me still freaking out. I just want to go out & see if he's okay. They're reassuring me that he's fine, he's standing up, etc., but I still want to go out there. Finally I go out there & ask him if he's okay. He's got a towel on his forehead and there's blood all over the garage floor. He tells me he's fine & his dad says that he's probably going to need stitches so we're taking him to the ER. I was like, "I'm going with him!" so I'm trying to get to my shoes, but I had blood all over my foot & was making a mess. Kevin was kind enough to wipe my foot off for me & off we went. Chris' dad drove with Chris in the front seat. His mom & I were in the back. Once I saw that he was okay, I was able to calm down quite a bit.

We went to the ER & were taken back pretty quickly. He had to get 6 stitches in his forehead & the doctor says he's going to have a scar in the shape of the Mercedes Benz symbol! Here's a picture, hopefully it's not too gross:

Lovely, isn't it? Thankfully it turned out to be not so bad, but head cuts always bleed like crazy. Our friends & family were so wonderful to stay & clean up the mess while we were gone. You know they're your friends when they'll clean up blood in your house. I must say I was deeply touched by Rebecca's willingness to use wet paper towels to clean it up. Anyone who knows her, knows this is a BIG deal. She doesn't do wet paper towels. And for that, I am eternally grateful!

All in all it was a great day. Like I said, it started with bang and ended with a bang, but the in between was fantastic! We're so blessed to have friends and family in our life that love us and already love this child. It's a very comforting feeling to know that no matter what, this child will never know a day without love, even if for some reason Chris and I aren't around.

Wow, this was a really long one! But, there was a lot to say. I have more to say about the shower, but it will have to wait for another day.


Rebecca said...

You described everything perfectly. That's funny - I don't even remember being bothered by the paper towels....must've been God :)


Laurel said...

You had quite an exciting day. Sorry I had to miss you your shower. Looks like it was really lovely.

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